How to catch a College Scout’s eye without scoring


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How to Catch a College Scout's Eye ... Without Scoring (No, I'm Not Crazy!)

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Matt Griffin
Matt Griffin
In high school, I was 5’11 and could not touch the rim. Also, I scored over 20 points only one time in my high school career. Despite my lack of scoring, I gratefully and luckily ended up with two Division 1 basketball scholarship offers partially because I competed and held my own in arguably the best high school league on the East Coast (Philadelphia Catholic League). Now, as a high school coach, I have heard multiple times, “I need more shots if I want to get looks from coaches!” Scoring, while important to college scouts is only part of the evaluation criteria. Let us remember, that if you are a guard, you better be able to make shots. If you are a big, you must have great footwork and the ability to use both hands while efficiently converting around the basket. However, let’s take a look at what you can do other than just scoring to get looks from college coaches. These 7 tips will help you stand out amongst the rest

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