About Liberty Arena


The Liberty Arena is an 81,000 square foot facility and is the largest in all of the Lycoming County Pennsylvania region. It offers a wide range of sports options for both youth and adults. The brand new facility houses 2 large indoor turf fields (167’ x 75’), 1 small indoor turf field (90’ x 85’), 2 high school-sized basketball and volleyball courts, an 11,000 square foot trampoline park in FlyWorld, and various concession areas for food and beverages.

The Liberty Arena staff prides itself on being professional, creative, flawless in our planning, and paying attention to all the small details, which ensures our valuable reputation and long term relationship with our guests and sponsors.

The Liberty Arena offers leagues, tournaments and clinics in soccer, volleyball, flag football, lacrosse, field hockey, basketball, baseball, softball and dodgeball throughout the full calendar year.

Liberty Arena’s mission is to unite the community through sports, recreation, and healthy competition. We strive to operate the finest sports and entertainment complex in Lycoming County. We will accomplish this with unrivaled facilities, dynamic programming, quality instruction, and a friendly, professional staff.

If you have any interest in being a part of the Liberty Arena, or have further questions, please contact us at info@thelibertyarena.com.


Code of Conduct: The Liberty Arena


  1. Maintain disciplinary control of all your players during while they are under your jurisdiction.
  2. Address all officials, referees, and umpires in a respectful manner and accept all judgement calls as final.
  3. Set an example of sportsmanlike conduct with opposing team, referees and spectators.
  4. Ensure players observe all rules of the game, and good sportsmanship as well at all times while avoiding situations that potentially escalate and diminish quality of the game.


  1. Follow the guidelines set forth for your team organization with adherence to the rules and regulations set by the Liberty Arena.
  2. Refrain from unsportsmanlike gestures and language. This includes taunting and profanity.
  3. Show respect towards officials, umpires and referees and their decisions. All decisions made by the officials are final.
  4. There will be no tolerance of throwing bats, balls, helmets, shoes, cleats or any objects or equipment onto or off the playing surface at any point unless it is for the purpose of play.
  5. All players shall accept the decisions of their coaches regarding playing positions and playing time.


  1. Parents are to allow ONLY the coaches to give instruction to players during game play.
  2. Parents are prohibited to enter onto the field of play unless asked by the coaching staff.
  3. Parents are to encourage their child to work hard, develop skill and put forth an honest effort during competition.
  4. Parents are to act in a manner that displays their understanding that their children are involved in sports for their enjoyment, not yours.
  5. Parents are not to ridicule or discipline children for making mistakes or errors.
  6. Parents are to accept the officiating decisions as final and respect that all opposition to officiating will be handled by coaches only.
  7. Parents who have conflicts with the coaching staff are not to approach coaches during a game.
  8. Parents are to accept the coaching staff’s decisions as final regarding playing position and playing time.

Failure to adhere to these rules and policies can result in the removal of any and all individuals (players, coaches, spectators, parents) from the Liberty Arena.