Transition to Team Fees

Transition to Team FeesThe majority of our leagues have transitioned from an individual fee model to a more simple pricing structure of flat-rate team fees.

A New Approach to Leagues

  • The primary goal of this transition is to make things simpler for our customers. A flat-rate team fee allows teams to coordinate their own payment strategy:
    • Ex. If a player can only make 3 games, it gives each team flexibility on how they want to distribute payment for the league without the individual having to pay for the full price of the league or having to coordinate guest fees each week.
    • A flat rate enables teams to more easily communicate the cost of their league participation with potential sponsors. Many businesses will gladly sponsor local sports teams, but the individual fee model complicated this process by placing the entire burden of registration and payment on each individual.
  • Other Benefits:
    • A team fee incentivizes teams to disperse costs by carrying slightly larger rosters, resulting in fewer forfeits, providing a better league experience for all of our teams.
    • The $15 “Annual Participation Fee” will no longer be required to participate in our leagues:
      • We have listened to feedback from our customers and have decided to present a more straightforward pricing structure without any additional fees or added complications.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What’s the best way to pay for this?
    • A single check made out to “The Liberty Arena” is preferred, but we also accept major credit cards. If you would like to make other arrangements, please contact the league commissioner.
  • Does this make the leagues more expensive?
      • The simple answer is no. When deriving our new pricing, we considered historical average roster sizes, our previous individual fees, and the previous $15 annual participation fee. On average, the cost of each league will be approximately the same per individual, but the price per individual is obviously dependent on that team’s specific roster size.
  • Do players (parents/guardians if under 18) still need to register individually?
      • Every participant will be required to have an account with us and have a valid completed waiver form prior to participation in our league. This can be completed online or at one of our kiosks in the front desk area of the arena. 
  • Will the arena still allow “free agent” individual registrations?
      • Yes… players can still register as free agents.
        • If there’s enough interest to form an entire free agent team, the team will be coached by a Liberty Arena staff member.
        • Alternatively, we may be able to find you a spot on an existing team.
        • While we will continue to accept free agent registrations, individuals are encouraged to make an attempt to connect with other players and make an effort to form a team.