Liberty Arena General League Policies

General League PoliciesMany people have questions about our leagues. Below you can find our league policies which are in place to ensure that all league participants have an enjoyable experience.

Rosters and Registration

  • 50% of the team fee (non-refundable) must be paid three weeks prior to the start of the season in order to guarantee placement on the schedule. The league fee must be paid in full one week prior to Week 1 of the season.
  • A preliminary team roster must be submitted to the league commissioner two weeks prior to the start of the league
    • Teams are encouraged to provide as comprehensive of a roster as possible from the start
    • Teams will be allowed to freely add players to the roster until Week 3 of the season.
    • Adding players beyond Week 3 will only be permitted at the discretion of the league commissioner.
  • Each rostered player (parent/guardian if under 18) must complete a valid waiver prior to participation. This can be completed online or at one of our kiosks in the front desk area of the arena.
  • Rosters will be verified by referees/umpires before each game.
  • No player may dual roster for two teams within the same division.

*Week 1 of the season is defined as the date of the first week of the scheduled games for that division. If a team has a “BYE” during Week 1, that is still considered Week 1 of the season. In the event that a league requires the use of an overflow day, the primary day will be considered as the date of Week 1.

League Scheduling Guidelines

  • A complete league schedule will be released one week prior to start of the season.
    • Each team will have a well distributed schedule within the advertised times.
      • Ex. If a league’s kickoff times are 5:45, 6:35, and 7:35, one can expect a roughly balanced mix of games at all three time slots over the course of the season
      • Each league will primarily run on a specific night of the week. In some cases, a league may have to use an “overflow” day.
    • When submitting your league deposit, please inform the league commissioner of any dates and times, which may be problematic for your team. These issues will be considered when creating the schedule, but we can offer no guarantees of working around such conflicts.
    • Schedule will be finalized one week before the start of the season.

Forfeit Policy

  • Every possible effort should be made by teams to avoid forfeits.
    • Communicate the range of game times and days to your players and parents, which have been advertised per division.
      • Voice concerns to the league commissioner when submitting your league deposit.
      • Expand your roster to make sure you have the ability to deal with days when a significant number of your players have conflicts.
  • Team coaches/captains should notify the league commissioner of impending forfeits 24 hours in advance so that league commissioner may notify your opponents and coordinate the schedule with officials.
  • If a team forfeits three times during a season, they will subsequently be removed from the schedule and their future opponents will be granted access to the field during those times for practices.