Lycoming Engines 3 2 Mountaineer Mondaze
Flues, Whitehead, Dietzel
Flick, Castillo
HT 2-1

Last minute saves by goalkeeper Greg Shimp helped the Lycoming Engines preserve a 3-2 win over Mountaineer Mondaze. 

Paul Brungard showing some good sportsmanship after conceding a free kick.

Corey Flues open the scoring for Lycoming Engines after Paul Brungard conceded a free kick just outside the penalty box. Mountaineer Mondaze’s Tom Flick tied it up halfway through the first half with the score 1-1. The Lycoming Engines scored late in the first half by Kristin Whitehead, who put the ball in the net off of a rebound save by the Mountaineer Mondaze’s goalkeeper Louis Comfort. It gave the Lycoming Engines a 2-1 lead going into halftime. Mountaineer Mondaze wanted to get their second consecutive victory this season and it showed as they tied up the game in the second half with a goal by Enrique Castillo, which made the score 2-2. But the Lycoming Engines answered with a goal by Alec Dietzel which gave the Engines a 3-2 lead late in the first half. The Mountaineers wouldn’t go away as they continued to attack but Lycoming Engine goalkeeper Greg Shimp always had the answer. Shimp made 2 crucial saves in the remaining minutes of the game to give the Lycoming Engines their first victory of the season. After the game Lycoming Engine Luke Potutschnig said “We take one game at a time. Both teams put in a great effort and hopefully if we play like that, we will have a good season.”