Adult Co-Ed Volleyball League Registration

Team Registration Deposit: $250 early bird (ONLY THROUGH PAYPAL)

This deposit, paid prior to October 18th at 11:59pm will guarantee you an early bird special for your respective league. On November 1, you will be instructed to:

  1. Have all of the roster players register on our website , create a login profile, and pay the participation fee in order to be eligible to play in all Liberty Arena leagues for a full year.
  2. Pay the balance on your team account/individual account.
  3. Pay the Participation Fee

All league registration will have two components: Team Registration/Individual Registration and a League Participation. The league participation registration will be filled out and completed by each league participant including coaches and referees. There is a minimal fee included with the participation fee that is valid for a full year of all league competition at the Liberty Arena. The Team registration will be completed by each Team Captain and will only be acknowledged by payment in our registration system.

There will be discounts for all teams that do the following:

  • Early Bird Registration.
  • Multi-Team discount. Constitutes as 3+ team registered for same league
  • Registration in Winter 1 (November- February) in conjunction with Winter 2 session (January – March).
  • Payment of full fee prior to league registration cut off.

There will be penalties for the following:

  • Late registration
  • Failure to pay upon Liberty payment period

All team captains must register each individual player on our Liberty login system and have them pay the participation fee upon registration. Teams with individuals unaccounted for in the Liberty Login system will be ineligible to play unless they pay a “sub fee” for each competition. All teams competing with ineligible players will forfeit that particular game.

Please remember that all sales are final at The Liberty Arena. No refunds can be granted for any tickets purchased online. All purchases are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Adult Co-Ed Volleyball League Registration

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