At The Liberty Arena, we offer both Youth Leagues and Adult Leagues.

General League Rules

Liberty Arena aims to bring the best league experience for all participants including spectators and referees. In order to do so, we ask that you carefully read over the rules and policies for each of our leagues in order to be informed and abide by the guidelines that have been put in place. This ensures quality control, competitive balance, and liability coverage for the facility. Below are some of our policies.

Scheduling: Please note that times and dates may vary depending on the number of teams which register for each division. Liberty Arena reserves the right to make scheduling alterations to maintain overall competitiveness to each league.

Participation Fee: The League Participation fee of $15 is mandatory a one time per year fee that gives all league participants the luxury of having their own personal account on the login portion of our website. This fee serves the purpose of giving all league participants their league information, team information and enables them to agree to the terms of our liability waiver. After paying this fee, all league participants are free to join any and all league offerings made by the Liberty Arena over the course of one year.

Individual Registration: Each player is required to register for the league individually in order to pay their participation fee and also the league fee. Once registered, each player  can register and assign their account to a specific team.

Free Agents: All who register as “Free Agent” will be placed on a preexisting team or be placed on a free agent team created by the Liberty Arena league commissioner.

Check-In: Prior to the start of each league game, players will be required to show a picture ID and check-in with the field marshal. Players who are not rostered will have to register or pay the substitution fee at the front desk.

All games are to start on time. A 5 minute grace period will be allowed before a forfeit is awarded to the present team.

Late Registration: All teams or players who attempt to register after the registration league deadline is subject to a late fine of $5 added onto their individual fee or $25 added onto their team fee.

Forfeit: There is a $20/team forfeit fee for EVERY action/inaction that results in a game forfeit (ie ineligible players, insufficient players, no show). Forfeits fees can be avoided by communicating with the league commission no less than 1 week before competition. Soccer/Softball/Baseball forfeits will result in a 5-0 loss. Basketball/Flag Football Forfeits will result in a 10 point loss.

Substitution/Drop-In Policy: A substitute is allowed for any regular season league game. This is a great chance to bring out friends who would like to try out the league but do not want to pay the full registration fee, or players who are only in town for a night or two. The fee is $15 per game + the $15 participation fee. A substitute may play on any team, but may not play on two different teams in the same league on the same night. No substitutes will be allowed during post-season play.

Medical Staff: Liberty Arena has managers that are trained in first aid and CPR.  There are no trainers on site, but we are closely located to emergency facilities.