Internship Program

The Liberty Arena is a 81,000 square foot facility and is the largest in all of Lycoming County Pennsylvania region. We offer a wide range of sports option for both youth and adults. Our facility houses 2 large indoor turf fields, to small indoor turf field, a trampoline park, and various concession areas for food and beverage.

Our staff prides itself on being professional, being creative, flawless in our planning, and paying attention to all the small details, which ensures our valuable reputation and long term relationship with our guests and  sponsors.

We offer leagues, tournaments and clinics in soccer, volleyball, flag football, lacrosse, field hockey, dodgeball etc. throughout the full calendar year.

In order to carry out our mission, we have a few basic tenants that help us carry out our mission:

  1. Provide a quality guest services experience in our facility that is unmatched. We consider our facility a home, therefore all who step foot inside are our guests.
  2. Operate and supervise quality sports leagues. We specialize in running organized, competitive leagues that enable the participants to only worry about enjoying game in between the lines.
  3. Continually increase the value of all that goes on in our facility in order to drive sales upward. This will, in turn, give our sponsors more opportunity. We view our sponsors as employers; we treat their business as if it was our own. Being responsible for our sponsor’s business leads to exciting and creative ways to sell more products for them.

Most students will be required to complete a 400 hour internship program to fulfill their college requirements. This equates to approximately 40 hours per week for 10 weeks. In order to obtain the full experience, some students will be obliged to stay longer. Nevertheless, each case will be observed individually on a case to case basis. All Students are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner; this includes proper attire, language and office decorum.

The Liberty Arena Internship Program provides students with hands-on experience in the exciting field of sports facility operations. We guide you in the daily tasks of operating a business in a competitive market place. We expect you to brainstorm new innovation into each project, perform organizational and administrative tasks, and be adept in utilizing social media outlets, writing press releases, and providing input into our marketing campaigns. We take into consideration your future interests and provide each student with a personal mentor and guide throughout the duration of your internship. We believe each task delegated to an intern should serve two purposes: 1). The task should be of assistance/benefit to us, the employer and 2). The task should be of benefit for the intern to utilize as a skill set for their future and enhancement of their resume.

Responsibilities will be divvied up departmentally: Facility Operations, Marketing and Sponsorships, Business Administration. Throughout the duration of the internship, all interns will be exposed to various operations that include but are not limited to Food & Beverage, Property Management, Administrative Assistance, Ticket Sales, Youth Services, Clinics, and Camps.  Projects will include but will not be limited to: commercial production, social media outlets, special event management. In each task that an intern is empowered to do, we aim at ensuring that both the intern and we as a company benefit from it, therefore, we take the training period very serious for each intern.

Facility Operations – Students will work closely with staff member(s) that handle space rentals, leagues, camps, clinics, tournaments and other special programs and events for youth and adults. The sports include soccer, flag football, volleyball, baseball, softball, field hockey, lacrosse, dodgeball and more. They will be fully immersed in the scheduling, preparation for, and the execution of these programs including the league management software.

Marketing and Sponsorships – Students will work alongside the manager(s) who is/are responsible for developing marketing strategies, allocating the marketing budget  for different media outlets, developing advertisements, selling potential sponsorship deals, retention of current sponsors, execution of marketing plans, special event management, and more.

Business Administration – Students will learn the administrative details of a business whose focal point is sports. This includes human resources issues such as staff recruitment, hiring, firing, records, etc.), payroll, profit and loss reports, guest management, and inter office communications.

Below are some of the many experiences that students will be exposed to:

Business management – This involves being a part of meetings involving the general manager and assistant general managers that pertain to sales, media, ownership, city relations, employee training and organization. Database sorting, cold calling, pitching, faxing, typing, press releases, implementing social networks and campaigns, intern referral assistance, event organizing & assisting, implementing new programs, and pro-active problem solving.

Youth Services – Students will see all of our products that are offered to youth ranging from 18 months of age to pre-teen. These programs are not only a form of recreation but also teach physical development along with individual youth training but also build team concepts in children at a young age. Students will involve themselves in special event management like birthday parties or clinics, and will be asked to provide both supervision and maintenance for these programs.

Front Desk – Front Desk operations is the cornerstone to our guest services. It serves as the front line to our business. Responsibilities include but are not limited to guest relations, field marshalling, league registration assistance, managing our computer software, using proper telephone etiquette.

Food and Beverage – Students will see the operation of our food and beverage facility where they will get an even further look into guest services, as well as logistical operation such  as ordering and inventory management. This portion of the business is very crucial to us as it accounts for a large part our budget.

Property/Facility Management – Students will get a better understanding of the facility upkeep, cleaning and maintenance of our 75,000 square foot facility.

To apply for the Liberty Arena Internship Program, please contact Abe Badmus: .