The Liberty Arena is a venue for all. One of the biggest misconceptions about sports facilities is that they are designated only for those who are elite. This is not the case. The Liberty Arena was created for all levels.

This includes the everyday athlete, the occasional athlete, elite athlete and the novice. All ages from 18 months and up are welcome to join in on the fun. There is something for everybody. We want to welcome the community and join us. It is a known fact that leading a life of physical activity will help maintain one’s health. The Liberty Arena would like to give Lycoming County the opportunity to be more active in a manner that would translate into less medical problems. Whatever it is one is battling or lacking: sedentariness, obesity, comradery, competition or excitement, we have the cure. Join us in finding what activity suits you, your family or your lifestyle best as we grow with the community. Whatever you do, don’t forget to BRING YOUR GAME.